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New Personal Representative, Guardian, Conservator or Trustee?

Guardian Partners offers online court-mandated trainings for non-professional fiduciaries in Oregon, ensuring they have the necessary skills to fulfill their roles effectively. Our trainings are open to anyone.

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All of our classes are pre-recorded, online, and on-demand which means that you can watch them online at any time, day or night.

Guardian of Adult Course

Guardian of Minor Course

Conservator of Adult Course

Conservator of Minor Course

Personal Representative Course

Trustee Course


There are currently 21 counties in Oregon that mandate at least one of our courses.

The mandates differ by county.  Select your county below to learn more.

What are people saying?

"This online course is designed in a fantastic way! It is very complex with a lot of details, and yet very clearly explained. I learned a HUGE amount of information! A very important part of this online course was the emphasis on the respect of the Protected Person's human rights and dignity and putting the Protected Person's needs before anything else. The sensitivity, caring and the humanness was much appreciated"

Guardian of Adult, Multnomah County

"To be my husband's guardian is a tremendous responsibility and privilege, which I intend to uphold to the best of my ability."

Guardian of Adult, Douglas County

"I have a great resource with Guardian Partners."

Guardian of Adult, Jackson County

"I was unfamiliar with many of the terms used in dealing with matters of an estate and I now have a better overall understanding of them.  This is particularly true, I think, because I have had no previous experience in dealing with court or estate matters.  Knowing the vocabulary makes me a bit more confident."

Personal Representative, Clackamas County

"I am grateful for the simple language used in the videos. It was helpful for someone who has never had to have an attorney or who didn't know what probate was before my their loved one passed away."

Personal Representative, Multnomah County

"I really have no knowledge of the Probate Process.  As a result of going through the Guardian Partners training, I am significantly more informed on how to navigate through the next steps."

Personal Representative, Lane County

"Really pleased you put this course together. Although my particular situation is fairly simple, this helped immensely to allay my fears and helped me understand the overall process."

Personal Representative, Jackson County


Below are some frequently asked questions by students. If you have other questions about our classes, please contact liz@guardian-partners.org.

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Thank you to our wonderful instructors!

Scott Barbur, JD (Barbur Law LLC)
Holly Berman, MSW (Retired)
Shannon Conley, JD (Law Offices of Nay & Friedenberg)
Sam Friedenberg, JD (Retired)
Joanna Posey, JD (Posey Legal, PC)
Cathryn Ruckle, JD (Ruckle Law)
Whitney Yazzolino, JD (Oregon Elder Law)

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